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Which Chinese new year is it?

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chinese new year celebrations 2017 image

Chinese New Year celebrations 2017 image

If you want to know which Chinese New Year is it? then you are at the right place. We will guide you about the which Chinese new year animal is 2017, what are the dates for celebration of New Year Spring Festival etc.

So this time the Chinese new year 2017 is called the year of rooster. And it will start on January 28, 2017.

Rooster year 2017 Chinese card

Rooster Year 2017 Chinese Card

Few days are left in the celebration in china. And you must be thinking of ideas and ways of celebrating the new year with your friends and family…

If you have Chinese Friends, Colleagues or Boss and you don’t know how to greet them; don’t worry you can learn the Chinese New year Greetings here

Also if you don’t know how to say Happy new year in Chinese, you can learn this by clicking here

We have Chinese New year Wallpapers for you to decorate your desktop computers and mobile, and some dinner ideas to enjoy the eve with your girlfriend, wife or loved ones.

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Chinese New year 2017 rooster

Chinese New year 2017 Rooster

Chinese new year date 28, January 2017 image

Chinese New Year Date 28, January 2017 image

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