Honda Self-balancing Motorbike – Honda Riding Assist

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Honda motorcycle balancing itself

Honda Motorcycle Balancing Itself

Honda Self-balancing Motorbike – Honda Riding Assist. The latest Honda motorcycle that can balance itself. It’s called the Honda Riding Assist. It can keep itself upright. It can even follow its owner to be parked.

Honda says the bike “Greatly reduces the possibility of falling”. The technology doesn’t rely on Gyroscopes. It draws on robotics used in their Uni-Cub Mobility Device.

honda self-balancing motorbike

Honda Self-balancing Motorbike- Honda Riding Assist

Honda has unveiled this at CES in Las Vegas. The company¬†don’t say any words on the date of production of this motorcycle.

honda motorbike can follow its owner

Honda motorbike can follow its owner

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